The following was written by John Eckersley and was the inspiration to my PeopleSoft in Pictures post.

PeopleSoft was the name of a United States Software house. Founded around 1987, it used then new client-server technology to offer a replacement for older green screen (character based) mainframe type HR systems. The Company grew beyond the wildest dreams of the founder Dave Duffield (I know this as he told us so when I joined PeopleSoft in 1998).

PeopleSoft the Company is now owned by Oracle, another US Company who are market leaders in Database software and (since the PeopleSoft takeover) leaders in Business Applications – software to run medium to large companies.

All PeopleSoft Applications run in a web-based environment. They need nothing more than a web browser on a user’s desktop machine to operate – and importantly, they don’t need any plugins or similar additional software.

Apart from PeopleSoft’s software applications, the Company delivered a development environment, PeopleTools. This is still available and updates have been supplied by Oracle since the takeover. As a (very) rough guide to the un-initiated, the development environment is somewhat akin to .net

There is a large PeopleSoft user base all over the World, a large development/consultancy community, and most leading management and IT consultancies have a PeopleSoft practice.