Week One of the Great British Bake Off was cake week and the technical challenge was swiss roll. So the first thing to do was to find a recipe – my mother has always had a copy of Mrs Beatons Household Management in her cupboard as her go to book if she needs a recipe so I thought I would start with that.

The recipe is very minimal – just mix the eggs and sugar together over hot water. So I tried this using a balloon whisk – this did not produce much. Hubby suggested to use the electric whisk which produced more success – it got light and fluffy but did not look too appetising. Still every thing is worth baking.

So into the oven till springy to the touch (the chocolate one took 5 minutes longer than the plain) then out of the oven and rolled up whilst still warm.

They looked good – but the taste. OMG absolutely rubbish – I have never cooked a cake that tasted that bad. So off to the bin for them.