I have been using my VirtualBox image for nearly a year now and have decided that I really need to have a Linux GUI installed as I am not very good at navigating around the system using Linux. [I know maybe I should just do it and I will get better with practice!]

So off to Hakan Biroglu’s blog again but first off – I need to do a backup/copy of the image as you never know what might happen.

pic1 pic2

I ticked “Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards” option as this was done when I created the original. {good/bad don’t know we will  have to wait and see}


So I want something completely separate from the original in case I need to bin the original one!!!! So I have chosen the Full clone – more disc space I know but better to be safe than sorry.

I pressed clone at 11.55am – let’s see how long this takes…

I’ll just do some preparation of the Server Installation and Administration Rel 8.53 course whilst I wait.


So the idea was good and the VirtualBox will boot successfully but by ticking the reinitialise MAC addresses I assume that I have a different ip address to log in – um how to find out?? [I think that is for another post]


So back to adding the GUI – I closed down the clone [I will come back to that later – or maybe not if my GUI addition works J]

Step One – Let the VirtualBox connect to the internet.


Step Two – Boot the VirtualBox


Step 3 – Get the latest yum repository


So that did not work…


Let’s see where we should be going…


OK so it helps if you type the correct thing! It was an l instead of a 1 at the end of the line!!

So that now works all that we have to do now is type yum update but when I do that this is what I get:


So what to do – well let’s see what the internet says – nothing helpful!!

So I’ve asked to be introduced to Hakan via LinkedIn so lets wait and see.