Over the summer I started to use the Oracle ELM 9.2 VirtualBox and I think that it is FAB!

I used Prashant’s Blog to do the set up, which was really easy to do – just remember the database name should be 8 characters in length!!

Once the image was set up I started working through the developments to see what was new in 8.53 – Not every thing makes it to the release value proposition. I’ll write about what I find in other posts but here I wanted to highlight what to do about the lack of tablespace data.

In order to create and build any records you need tablespaces – but Application Designer does not know about these as the image stands. The database does as these are inherent in an oracle database so you need to tell the PeopleTools tables about what has been set up on the database.

To do this you need to run the SETSPACE SQR program. Here’s how to do it…

Log in to the Browser and navigate to the Process Scheduler PeopleTools folder then create a new process for the SQR:


Create a new process definition for the SETSPACE sqr

Then make sure you fill in a category on the first page then link the process to the System Process Requests component (PRCSMULTI) and a process group you have security access to on the second page – see below:


Once you have done that you can navigate to the system process requests page…


And run the process


Then off to Process Monitor to check it runs.  When I ran the process it completed successfully but for some reason did not post the output – it does not matter (I think something is up with my report node but that’s the subject of another post!)

Now when you go to application designer you should see the tablespaces listed…