I’ve recently recieved the Oracle Query Reporting 8.55 Course to prep so thought I would share what’s new and what’s different.

  • The course is now 3 days and just deals with the Query tool (at 8.53 there was one day introducing Pivot Grids – that has now been moved to it’s own class).
  • The course has been redesigned to be more process centric (steps to create queries) rather than just a page by page descipion of what you can do with the query tool (the clasic this buton does the following).
  • In the first few lessons the small changes to the tool have been included where approaiate:
    • Find Definition References – on the search page – a lovely addition to the tool – no need to remember or document elsewhere what you are using this query for – it’s all here with the click of a button.
    • Prompts can now be optional and have default values.
    • Aggregate funcitons now include the Count Distinct function.
    • The External URL page has the portal and node boxes.
  • The course now includes Using Composite Queries (Using Connected Queries was added at 8.53)

So that’s all good – there are some things still missing however

  • Image Drilling URLs
  • Using the Transformation tab – maybe it’s thought too technical for End-users? Srinivas Reddy has written a blog post that is a good starting point for how it can been used: Transformations Using XSLT 

Hopefully that will give some people and insight into the course – As I look at more courses I will do reviews of those here.