via Daily Prompt: Promises

I’ve just logged into WordPress to add another post about PeopleSoft and was side tracked by the daily prompt word: Promises. As my husband would say I am having a squirrel moment . Promises – I’ve made several on my blogs over the years, each time trying to write force me to write more often – most of the time the promise is broken but always for the same reason. As a dyslexic person writing is something that I try to avoid – my brain goes into melt down most of the time when presented with a blank page.  I started off knowing what I wanted to write but by the time i’ve found my login details (I forgot the password to this site for a couple of weeks 🙂 ) and actually loged in, my inspiration has usually disappeared.  Or I end up writing like this – where everything just pours out and  notice that there are not many sentances or punctuation.

Oh well – maybe this time things will be different?