What do you do with the time spent waiting? As our eldest dog can no longer go up stairs, I’ve relocated part of my office downstairs to the dining room table!

Now I would post a photo here but I am ashamed of the state of the table. If we had people round for dinner it would take either 5 minutes to dump everything in a box and hide it in a corner or 30 minutes if I actually tidied up properly!!!

Anyway. Digressing again. Back soon got to take a cake out of the oven.

Back now. A nice brownie cake for tomorrow’s dog walk.

So back to waiting. We spend so much time doing it. Waiting for the cake to cook. For the computer to finish updating. For the delivery people to bring the tumble dryer (that had to get replaced due to the first one being in the might catch fire if used list!!).

So what do people do?  I mostly can be found tapping away on my phone which then becomes the focal point rather than the thing you were waiting for. But what is you can’t use your phone? For example waiting at the hospital. What to do? A good book? Some colouring in? Talk to a companion? Talk to a stranger?