Otherwise know as – How to make a One Column Portfolio Page with WordPress using the udesign theme.

I hope you like to new style website – I am still getting to grips with how you create all of the different types of pages that the u-design WordPress template comes with. As a way of practicing my writing and storing my “how to”s in one place I thought I would just write then up as a blog posts (NOTE to self must remember to back up on a regular basis).

So to start off here is how to create the one column portfolio page that I use for the PeopleTools Blog:


The idea for this type of page came from looking at the uDesign demo site and then working out where each of the items was being stored.


Above is what the uDesign demo site one column portfolio page looks like, with a couple of items highlighted.

Below are the steps I used to create my PeopleTools Blog page:

  1. Create a new page and give it a title. Then select one column portfolio as the template
  2. Save and Publish this page.
  3. If you haven’t already create a post category for this page and write your first post.
  4. You need to publish the post.
  5. Once that is done go to the uDesign Portfolio section and assign the category to the portfolio page.
  6. Now in the custom fields section of the post add the following fields:
    1. Portfolio_item_preview_title – I use the title of the blog post
    2. Portfolio_item_description – I selected the first couple of lines of the blog post and added the code for a button.
    3. Portfolio_item_thumb – this needs the url of the image you want to use (copy it from the media library)
  7. Once you have done all of that it should appear on your new page: