So I thought I would have a quick read before getting on with some admin and came accress this post about linking LightRoom with WordPress. Since doing a photography course a number of years ago at Rhubarb and Custard in Eton and then again last year with the Open University I have been trying to use Lightroom as my development studio for my serious photograph – not just the every day happy sanps as I call it with the iphone.

So I read the post and thought yeah that would be FAB – but I think had to go to this post to find out where to down load the plugin and then to this one to finally get it to work.

Then back to the original post where it said.

Once uploaded they will be available in your media library for use in posts and galleries.

by that time I have two copies of my photo in the media gallery!!! (always read the full article before trying a second time)


Note to self – always include a featured image – ToDo -find out what size the images should be.