Today’s lesson is to learn about the WordPress reader. I’m a bit ahead today, I’ve not received the email – it comes in the afternoon but we are off out today so thought I would make an early start!!

When I logged in this morning my reader list was populated with blogs about photography, inspiring others and how to write blogs.

The lesson says to follow 5 new blogs – so off I go to the reader and start clicking on blogs to have a read – as usual at this time of the morning (07:08) my brain is not fully awake (need some more coffee!!) so it gets easily distracted and I’m off reading about celebrities.  Just like when you go to the hairdressers or doctors you flick through the glossy magazines but I don’t buy them.

what’s my point I hear you ask – well after having my squirrel moment I go back to the reader and all I can see in the list are blogs about celebrities – I don’t want to follow those! but the algorithm behind the reader obviously thinks I do!.  Even though I work in the computing industry and help people develop systems I am still amazed when this happens – obviously need more coffee (and sometimes would like the algorithm to know I am just being distracted – maybe there needs to be a button you can press that says SQUIRREL moment?)



– Off to find more photography sites or even ones to do with PeopleSoft.