Day Five of the Blogging Fundamentals Course.

I thought I would sit down and quickly have a look at the different themes – ignore them all and be happy with the one I have.

But I am always distracted by changing layouts – I think the content will always look better with a different theme. If I change the theme will the content miraculously get better – I have, I think, now learnt that the presentation is only part of the draw – it will fulfill the initial pull to a page but it’s the actual content that will keep people returning.

So I’ve done it again – changed the theme in the hope that things will look better but I not too sure? What I do know is this theme has more options (more to work out 😦 ) so one day it might look like it does in my head.

Just have to do day four now….

and maybe write something to do with PeopleSoft.

Note to self – write blog posts on computer as phone doesn’t do spell checking!!! Spellings now corrected!