Day Four of Blogging Fundamentals

A slightly different way of writing a post today – I received my email for day four and did not know how to start so clicked on the link in the email which takes you to the above page where it says to brain storm who your ideal reader is.

I can do that – and here it is…

And then it stopped – I can do the brain storming as you can see from the picture. The picture is of a mind map – I draw them for all of my note taking. I was introduced to them a long time ago now and in their simplest form are a note taking process for non-linear thinkers.

My problem is always that i need to take those notes and put them in a linear piece of text – this blog! – it’s taken me almost a week to come back to this post and add some words in.

I was brave I published the mind map – I very rarely let anyone else see them only because they probably don’t make sense to anyone else.

The result at the moment is just this post – and a number of posts added to the ToDo list:

  • One for the PeopleSoft Developers
  • One for people interested in Dyslexia and how it affects life
  • One to introduce my photography
  • One to introduce my cake making
  • One to introduce Plan B – a general life story about how to go from one career to the next.

Take care and come back soon.