Inspired by a video of how to make a cake – I can’t remember where I saw it, on FaceBook or on Twitter (and of course I never seem to be able to find the item I like again) – I thought I would create my own. Easy I thought – how hard can it be???

Firstly do some research. I searched for “how to make video tutorial” in google. Nice list of websites were returned – the best two were: – very nice step by step tutorial but relies on having camtasia – which you can get a free trial for but costs to buy – not at that stage yet  nice listing of the tools but not quiet what I wanted.

I was getting screen capture software and what I wanted was how to replicate the video i saw….it was a slide show of stills – so tried “slideshow to video ” conversion and several of the results were about converting PowerPoint into a video – which when I think about it was such an obvious idea.

So here goes

  • Step 1 – find a set of photos – done – I’ll use those about making a Swiss roll – not all of the photos that are needed and there are definitely some missing the ingredients pictures but enough to make a first attempt.
  • Step 2 – find a recipe – I’ll just use the BBC website one from the Swiss roll post earlier.
  • Step 3 – create the PowerPoint slide show
  • Step 4 – save the slide show as a video – it creates a wmv file (which is not so good for sharing on websites – it really needs to be an mp4 to be universally accepted)
  • Step 5 – convert the wmv to mp4 – how to do that? Look on Google and a search for “converting wmv to mp4” gives these which gave – one of the options on here is to rotate (that’s something I’ve wanted to some of my phone videos so will try that later)

    • I used the online convert-to-mp4 and it’s really easy just browse for your file, enter the settings you want and hey presto – am mp4

So woohoo and it’s not the best but I’ve learnt what to do better next time – I’ve put little notes in the PowerPoint presentation and thus the final video.

Here is the end result….

Well the idea was to post a video here but in order to do that I need the premium plan which I don’t want to pay for yet – Lets try another way – via hubby’s YouTube account. I have to go and get permission first – so will update this post once the video is up and running.

Update – I took the plunge and created by own YouTube Channel and I put it in my business name (scary) but it was on the ToDo list.

The finished video


Another useful website post –