Inspired by the Daily Prompt

Every day when I log into WordPress they have a daily prompt – it’s just a word to inspire you.  Yesterday I went to the Cedar Consulting Selective Adoption day up in London. It was a well run informative day (more about it in later on) but what made me think about it when I saw the daily prompt was that although Oracle is changing the way that customers update their PeopleSoft software, the customers still need to make sure they have a solid base. Their need to understand their business – what id does, how it works, what the employees of the company really think about how they do things? The PeopleSoft system is there to enable the business to function – it should be a tool they use to fulfill business goals! The PeopleSoft teams need to fully understand how the PeopleSoft system works – the new functionality for the business, the new tools to help achieve these goals and how they can best be used within the company.

So just like PeopleTools are the base on which the PeopleSoft system is built the PeopleSoft System needs to be the base for the company to achieve it’s goals.

All of these need to have a solid base of understanding – just like a birthday cake needs to have a sturdy base before you can create the masterpiece of wonders on top of it.