One of the things I have been doing to augment the PeopleSoft Training, is helping out a young friend who is starting out in the world of business.  I’ve been hopefully giving him sage advice about saving for a rainy day, making sure he charges enough and other such things but how much of that goes in I’m not so sure – he is 19 after all.

But what I have been doing on a practical level is helping with his website. It’s been good for me to learn a new way of doing things – he’s using as it is cheap and for a non-web technical person is quiet good.

We have been having a problem with his logo however – it’s a really nice one:


Which looks fine when on a white background – but if you put it on any coloured background you get a white square!

BECT Logo Before.JPG

I’ve been trying to make the white background a triangle and finally sussed it today – I’ve been saving the file as the wrong type. If I save it as a jpg I get the following message:


in Paint (I’ve been using a different image editor which was just putting the white background back in and ignoring the transparency settings!)

So that’s what I have learnt today – you can’t do transparent images as jpg. And the logo and be on coloured pages now.

BECT Logo After.JPG