-Day 8: Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors!

So off I went to the reader – thought I would time myself but didn’t as usual – which is why this post is being written on the 23rd Feb and I started having a look around on 17th!

There are so many interesting blogs out there I keep getting distracted then had to go out so never got to write any comments let alone tell you all what I was reading.

So here goes – the first blog to catch my eye was

blog1Set up by a wonderful couple – well don’t know them personally but from a resident of the UK they seemed to be a nice family – no scandels that I’ve heard of, seemed to want to do good things – only history will tell exactly how good a preseident he was.  But I do find it interesting to see what people who used to be in the public eye are doing now. So I’ll watch and see. Didn’t dare to write a comment – what to say?

Blog 2 was The Scottie Chronicles


This time I did comment – I love the idea of having a blog about a dog with the owner as the typist!

Blog 3 was


Which I haven’t fully read and realised was a feature about family history blogs and not a blog at all.

So off to find some more blogs and put some comments out there…..

**** Update****

below is a list of sites I’ve enjoyed from the reader

A Farm Girls Life – Quote Edits