Still finding out how this theme works and have sussed out that when creating image posts you only need a featured image and not the image as content.

Let me explain.

When I create an ordinary post like this one it has this as the content plus any images I want to include:


I then set the featured image in the left hand menu. And it looks like this one I did previously – with the post title, then the featured image then a snippet of the post:


But with an image if you put the image as the content and then the image again as the featured image it all looks a bit odd:


So I thought remove the featured image – but that results in a blog post looking like this on the homepage:

Image_Post_Types_pic5.JPG and that’s not good.

So the answer is to NOT have any content and put the image in the featured image instead – like this:


Who new… Well me now.

Hope this helps.