Rather than a predefined post about something I thought I would generate a post about all the things I had to look up today in order to achieve what I wanted to do.

So this afternoon’s task was to start up my PeopleTools 8.53 Virtual Box image, create an Application Designer project containing all of my customisations (by way of the command line) then copy that project to file and import it into my new PeopleTools 8.55 Virtual Box image.

First off – started the Image successfully.

Second used here to check the syntax of the pside command line.

I kicked off powershell and entered the command line but got an error saying the TNS could not resolve the connect identifier specified. So logged into Application Designer and that worked. So tried just typing pside.exe to see what would happen and it opened PeopleSoft Application Designer but the 8.55 version – so checked the environment variables and saw in the path it’s using the 8.55 versions of the tools.

Whilst doing that I thought I would write this post and so logged into WordPress and then got sidetracked by the new layout and a couple of blog posts about random pictures and blogging. Which just adds to my todo list – must create a privacy post…

Back to the Application Designer problem – went and removed the pt855 items from the path and tried again – still no change. But if I use the full path it’s ok……. And woohoo it’s worked. Well I think it has – just need to wait for the script to complete……..

To create the project I use this command line:

pside.exe -CT <dbtype> -CS <servername> -CD <dbname> -CO <user id> -CP <user password> -CI <connect id> -CW <connect password> -PJR <project_name> -LF <log file path and name> -OBJ ALL {to insert all definition types} -HIDE – QUIET – SS – SN

To export the project I used this:

pside.exe -CT <dbtype> -CS <servername> -CD <dbname> -CO <user id> -CP <user password> -CI <connect id> -CW <connect password> -PJTF <project_name> -LF <log file path and name> -FP <file path for resultant project> -OVD 1 {override the dependencies} -RST 1 {to reset the done flags} -OVW 1 {to override an existing project/file} -HIDE – QUIET – SS – SN

Items in {curly brackets} are just notes