PeopleSoft, Pilates and a slice of cake

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein



Start Personalizing Your Site

-Day Seven of Learning the Fundamentals Again it's all about the theme - but this time changing the header - So I've gone from: To what should be the header - but as I know it will probably change here's... Continue Reading →


Identify your audience

- Day Four of Blogging Fundamentals A slightly different way of writing a post today - I received my email for day four and did not know how to start so clicked on the link in the email which takes... Continue Reading →

So Day Two is Take Control of Your Title and Tagline. First of all I had to work out what the Tagline was! Uuummmmmmmm tagline - short bits of text that describe your blog - ususally something witty - this... Continue Reading →


Swiss Roll

Rainbow Cake

Christmas Puddings

Swiss Roll – Attempt Number One

Week One of the Great British Bake Off was cake week and the technical challenge was swiss roll.

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