PeopleSoft, Pilates and a slice of cake

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein



Why does it take so long?

We have super fast broadband. Top of the range from BT. I need it for my teaching. But why oh why if I am sat downstairs on the laptop is the wifi so slow!!   Above is an example of... Continue Reading →


Identify your audience

- Day Four of Blogging Fundamentals A slightly different way of writing a post today - I received my email for day four and did not know how to start so clicked on the link in the email which takes... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Someday As per usual it's been a while since I wrote anything on this blog - life has yet again overtaken me. So someday I hope to post on a more regular basis.  What's regular - once... Continue Reading →

Conquering the ToDo

Something that always grabs my interest is articles on how to conquer my ToDo list - as my husband will testify and most of my friends I do love a good list - but usually that's as far as things... Continue Reading →


What do you do with the time spent waiting? As our eldest dog can no longer go up stairs, I've relocated part of my office downstairs to the dining room table! Now I would post a photo here but I... Continue Reading →

Hello and Welcome

Good Afternoon and welcome to the new Indexon Training Blog.

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