PeopleSoft, Pilates and a slice of cake

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein



How To Setup a Google Account With Your Company Domain Name

One of the things I've had to deal with when helping out my mentee is google - we've been using it for all the things we don't want to set up yet - calendar, forms etc but how to use... Continue Reading →


But I want to record what’s on the screen….

Whilst doing some business mentoring I realised that my mentee dosen't like reading stuff so it would be so much better if I could create a video - but how!!! Without installing some extra software.  Well after a bit of... Continue Reading →


Are lovely things to have with people - working on my own at home most of the time means it's something I miss out on - the doggos don't really interact that much...

PeopleSoft Tiles – all you can do….

Teaching PeopleTools 1/2 accelerated this week and have been asked about if there is a definitive resource of examples of Tile options (with the all important Howto's :-)) Well I couldn't find one - there is the usual PeopleSoft Online... Continue Reading →

Well I didn’t know that…

  Still finding out how this theme works and have sussed out that when creating image posts you only need a featured image and not the image as content. Let me explain. When I create an ordinary post like this... Continue Reading →

Found this interesting new tutorial today. Installing PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Not run through it yet - if you do let me know what it's like...

How hard can be it to create a how to video….

Inspired by a video of how to make a cake - I can't remember where I saw it, on FaceBook or on Twitter (and of course I never seem to be able to find the item I like again) -... Continue Reading →

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