PeopleSoft, Pilates and a slice of cake

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein

… A nice alternative to the CTRL-J Problem.


Whilst teaching BI Publisher the other week - we noticed that you don't always need to create a Data Source before creating a Report Definition. Seems very odd to me but it worked. Pop back later and I'll will have... Continue Reading →

* An interesting look at the new 8.56 stylesheet for PeopleSoft Classic Pages.

PeopleSoft Searching

Once upon a time you if you lost a page in the PeopleSoft system you could not find out where it was then the portal was introduced and with it the ability to search. The search engines that was used... Continue Reading →

PeopleSoft Auditing

  Auditing has now been removed from the PeopleTools I course I thought I would put a summary of how to do each of them on here. There are 3 types of auditing in PeopleSoft: Field Level Record Level Database... Continue Reading →

And what to do at the end of the day…

Following on from the post the other day about what to do to start your day off well here are some ideas by jacquelyn smith for the end of the day...

Fab article about starting the day of with the right attitude on the Forbes website

PeopleSoft Tiles – all you can do….

Teaching PeopleTools 1/2 accelerated this week and have been asked about if there is a definitive resource of examples of Tile options (with the all important Howto's :-)) Well I couldn't find one - there is the usual PeopleSoft Online... Continue Reading →

8.55 – Event Mapping Demo

Teaching a custom PeopleCode class this week. To keep the class up to date we will be including the 8.55 Event Mapping Framework, after learning about Application Packages. The following is a short and concise write up with great DEMO... Continue Reading →

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