PeopleSoft and a slice of cake

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein

Hi, I’m the girl in the orange glasses

-Day 8: Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors! So off I went to the reader - thought I would time myself but didn't as usual - which is why this post is being written on the 23rd Feb and I started... Continue Reading →


One of the things I have been doing to augment the PeopleSoft Training, is helping out a young friend who is starting out in the world of business.  I've been hopefully giving him sage advice about saving for a rainy... Continue Reading →

Start Personalizing Your Site

-Day Seven of Learning the Fundamentals Again it's all about the theme - but this time changing the header - So I've gone from: To what should be the header - but as I know it will probably change here's... Continue Reading →

Conversations with my younger self…

I've recently found out what it would be like to chat to my younger self. I am helping a friend out with his new buisness and chatting to him is just like chatting to me at that age (well in... Continue Reading →

After changing my theme to the current one I've noticed that the Post Format list is quiet long but I have no idea what each type looks like so here is #2 in the list - Aside.

I’ve done it again..

- Day Five: Love Your Theme Yeap - folks I've done it again. changed to theme. So I've gone from To what you see now: I've also learnt that rather then selecting the insert media button, then uploading the image,... Continue Reading →

What’s your Base built on?

Inspired by the Daily Prompt Every day when I log into WordPress they have a daily prompt - it's just a word to inspire you.  Yesterday I went to the Cedar Consulting Selective Adoption day up in London. It was... Continue Reading →

Themes again

-WordPress Themes Yet again I have distracted by this time by someone who came and liked one of my posts.  Mrs Twinkle - I think her blog is super. I think it is because of the thought that has gone... Continue Reading →

Writing the About me…

So this is being created in response to Day Six: Make an Irresistible "About" Page. I'll put it into a post once I have finished and thought of what I should really put here... So these are the tasks I... Continue Reading →

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